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Now is the time for running - after reading the whole book

Now we have finished reading the whole book - Now is the time for running.

In pairs discuss the questions, write down your answers and hand them in via Google Classroom. Deadline: when the lesson is finished on Thursday.

1. Is Mai Maria a scoundrel or a saviour? How does she help the boys get into South Africa? What does she demand as payment?

2. Neither Deo nor Innocent know their father, a truck driver from South Africa. Why is Innocent so determined to find him? What is Deo’s attitude about meeting his father? 

3. Why did the Flying Tomato farm seem like a paradise to Deo initially? When does he realize that it isn’t? Why does he think Johannesburg will be a better place to live? What does Innocent believe? 

4. How did Deo and Innocent come to live under a bridge in Johannesburg? Who lives there with them? How is each person expected to contribute to the community?

5. What is a kwerekwere? Why do many native South Africans dislike them? How are they treated?  

6. Why does Innocent return to the bridge during the riot in Alexandra? What happens to him there? Were you surprised by this turn in the story? How does Deo respond? 

7. Why is soccer so important to Deo? How does the game make him feel? How did he acquire his playing skills? How does soccer save him from self-destruction? 

8. Who are Deo’s soccer teammates? Where did they come from? What early experiences do they each share?

9. The novel ends just as the final game of the Street Soccer World Cup begins. Which team do you think won? Why? 

10. Take another look at the title of this novel. What makes it so fitting for the story? What were the most important runs in Deo’s life? Can he ever stop running? What do you think? 

11. Have you ever read a novel in English before? What did you think about this book? Motivate your opinions. 

The questions are inspired by: www.lbschoolandlibrary.com
Educator’s Guide prepared by Anne Quirk. 

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