söndag 27 januari 2019

Precious - Word Art

Week 5 

1. Finish answering the questions. If you handed in your answers last time you will find feedback in your document.
2. Today we are going to be creative! We will use a digital tool called: https://wordart.com/
3. I created 2 examples for you:

3. Go to the Google document with your answers. Copy the text. 
4. Go to Wordart.com and click on IMPORT. Paste your text into the field that appears in the middle of your screen. Then click on the red icon: Visualise. 

5. Now you are able to be creative. Your word art needs to have a connection to the movie we have seen. I created a butterfly - Precious needs to fly away from her old life. I also created a hand with a stop sign. 
You can choose from existing shapes or create your own. I am sure you will understand it when you start working. 

6. When you are finished: 
- Take a screenshot of your word art. Insert your picture in a Google document. Write a few sentences that explain your picture and the connection to the movie. 
7. Extra: Choose a song that connects to the picture and the movie. 
8. Deadline: When the lesson ends, Friday week 5. 

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