onsdag 30 januari 2019

The Absolutely.. after reading chapter 1-3, 2019

Think about the chapters we have read and then answer the questions below. It is ok to help each other and discuss the questions. Write your answers in a Google doc. 

1. How does the novel start? Choose one of the alternatives. Does it start with…..
• somebody saying something
• a description (of the environment or of a character)
• something happening
• an explanation of the background to the story
• something else
2. Do you think it's a good beginning? Why?
3. Was it easy or difficult to ”get into” the book?
4. How do you like the novel so far? Explain why and motivate your answer.

5. In the middle of chapter 2, there is a picture of Junior's parents. Look at the picture and discuss the questions: 

- What do you think happened to Junior's parents in real life? 
- What might stop a person from becoming who he/she wants to be?
- What do you dream about? Do you have dreams about your own future? 

6. Junior seems to be very special - how would you describe him? 

7. Go to the text and collect words you don't know or don't know how to spell. 
           - Create your own word -list in Quizlet. (At least 20 words.) Look up the meaning of the words. Practice spelling and meaning. 

/ Sara

(Källa: A good read, Sanoma utbildning. Kopiering tillåten)

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