torsdag 14 februari 2019

Black History Month - famous leaders

First of all, finish your task from yesterday - go to Flipgrid and record your answers. You find it in Classroom or here:

If you have any questions about the instructions - feel free to contact me on Messenger or mail. I will not be in class today since I am at the hospital with my daughter.

1. Use Google and try to find out the meaning of the words below:
We will talk about the words in class:

What is Apartheid?
What does segregation mean?

2. Work individually.
Choose one of the famous persons below. If you would like to write about someone else that you know about, please ask me.

Find out and take notes:
-when he/she lived
- what he/she is famous for
-what did he/she achieve with his/her work
- a short timeline of his/her life
-if there is music related to the person
-include a list of references (where you found your information)

Martin Luther King Jr
Malcolm X 
Jesse Jackson 
Nelson Mandela 
Desmond Tutu 
Rosa Parks 
John F. Kennedy
Frederik Douglass 
Abraham Lincoln 
Harriet Tubman

3. You need to create a presentation where you write about your person.
Choose Google Presentations or perhaps (In Powtoon you can create animated films.)
6-7 slides with the most important information are enough. Less is more! Be creative! Use pictures and music if you want to.
When you have created half of your presentation/film - talk to me and I will give you feedback.

4. You need to talk as well! That means that I want you to either present your slides orally or record your voice in the film.

5. Deadline: Friday the 8th of March  . This date your presentations will start. You either show your film or present your slides. 

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