söndag 10 februari 2019

The Absolutely True.. after reading part 3,4 and 5

Read part 4 and 5.

Below you find 10 questions. Write down your answers to 8 of them and choose 2 that you talk about in FlipGrid.

1.Who is Rowdy? Why is he so aggressive? 
2.Why have Rowdy and Junior become such good friends? 
 3.Describe Rowdy and Junior’s relationship. What do they do for each other?
4. Why does Junior throw his geometry book? What does it signify? 
5.Who is Mr P? 
6.How does Mr P feel about the reservation? 
7.Junior's teacher tells him something important. What does he tell Junior and how does he react. 
8. Mr P wants Junior to say out loud that he deserves better. This makes Junior cry. Why? 
9.Why does Mr P say the following? ‘Every white person on this rev should get smashed in the face. But, let me tell you this. All the Indians should get smashed in the face, too.’ (p. 40) 
10.What is Mr P’s advice to Junior? Why does he give him this advice? 

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