söndag 1 september 2019

How to write a letter

1. Today we are going to write a letter together in pairs.
Your task:

Write a letter to the students at Ringsjöskolan in the future!
What will it be like to go to Ringsjöskolan in ten years?
You need to tell them about your school today and ask them questions
 about school in the future.
You need to, shortly, describe Ringsjöskolan and tell them what it is
like now. You also need to ask them questions about school in the future.

2. When you have finished writing your letter, give it to your neighbours and ask them to give you feedback.
Did you start your letter correctly?
Did you include the date?
Did you tell the students about Ringsjöskolan?
Did you ask them questions about school in the future?
Did you finish your letter correctly?
Check the letter for spelling and grammar mistakes and give the authors advice on how
to improve the letter. Be nice and friendly!

Hand in your letter to me in Google Classroom.

Tomorrow you will write a letter on your own in ChromEx with no access to the internet.

/ Sara

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