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Now is the time for running - after ch 10


Work in pairs and tell each other: 

One of you will pretend that you are Deo and one of you will be Innocent. 
Create a mind-map to help you remember what happened. 

What has happened to you during the book?
Describe three different scenes of the book that you think have had a great impact on Deo or Innocent? Motivate your choice of scene. 
How does Deo/Innocent feel? 
Would you have reacted the same way as Deo/Innocent or would you have done anything differently? 
Zimbabwe is the home country of Innocent and Deo. From what you’ve read in the novel, what are the rights of the average citizens there? 
What reason does Commander Jesus give for his assault (överfall) on Gutu? 
How do the villagers respond? 
What other options do you think they had? 
 What motivates a man like Commander Jesus? 
Where do you think his cruelty comes from? 
How does he attract followers?

 Tuesday (1/10)

Imagine that you are Deo/Innocent or Commander Jesus and that you are looking back at what happened to you 20 years ago. 
Choose one scene from the book.
Describe what happened: 
Where were you?
Who was with you?
When was it?
How did you feel then and how do you feel about it now? 
If you were able to go back in time - is there anything you would like to change? Why? Why not? 

You will write during the lesson and use ChromEx.
You will write for 60 minutes, use size 12 and write a minimum of 200 words. 
Remember to go through your text before you hand it in. 

Writing tips: 

"Dive" straight into the text and take your reader to the scene that you have chosen. 

Commander Jesus was the most cruel and evil man I had ever met. 

I felt very worried. I couldn't find my Bix-Box. Where is my Bix-Box? 

/ Sara 

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