tisdag 22 oktober 2019


Today you will work in pairs and you will discuss the book we have read. 
Record your discussion by using Screencastify and the webcam.  When you are finished - copy the link to the film and hand in to me in Classroom. 
Make sure that both of you are talking and that you are having a conversation.
Choose at least 12 questions to talk about. 

1. What is the text about?
2. Was the book the way you had expected? Explain. 
3. What is the conflict/problem in the text?
4. Is the text written in chronological order?
5. What important episodes are there?

6. Which character in your book would you like to be? 
Explain why.
7. How does the book end?
8. Do you think that the book could be a good movie? 
Why? Why not?
9. If you were to change one thing in the book, what would you change?
10. Was there any character in the book that you disliked? Who and why?
11. Do you like the ending? 
Explain your thoughts
12. Does the cover of your book fit the story? 
Explain your thoughts
13. When you think of the characters in the book, who would you have liked to be your friend? Why?
14. What is the atmosphere in the book like? Is it sad? Depressing? Happy? Give examples.
15. Who are the main characters? Describe them.
16. What is the relationship between the characters?
Give examples from the book to support your arguments

17. Have you been influenced in any way by the text?
18. Have you experienced any of the feelings expressed in the text?
19. What in the text do you like or dislike?: the characters? The settings? The plot? The language?
20. What do you think about the book? Would you like to recommend other classes to read it? Why? Why not? 

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