tisdag 21 april 2020

Diary of a Young Girl

Work individually, but it is ok to discuss and help each other in your groups.

Answer the questions below and hand in your answers in Google Classroom.

1. Why did the Frank family move from Germany to Holland?
2. Where did they decide to hide and why?
3. What dangerous things were happening on the streets of Amsterdam?
4. What dangerous thing happened in the Annexe?
5. Describe different ways in which the Frank family heard news from the outside world.
6. Where did their food come from?
7. What did Anne want to do with her life when she grew up?
8. When and how did their life in the Secret Annexe end?
9. What problems were there for the eight people who were trying to live together? How would you try to solve them?
10. Do you think Anne and Peter really fell in love? Why? Why not?
11. Why do you think Anne's diary has become so famous?
12. Do you think that it is only a sad book or that it gives us hope for the future?
13. Do you like Anne as a person? Do you think she is an unusual girl? Why? Why not?
14. Do you see any similarities between Anne's life and the life of the people that now are in lock-down, because of the Coronavirus?


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