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The Bridge Home - introduction

Those of you who came to my blog via AvMedia Skåne, here you can find great links to other sites and tasks you may want to work with. Be my guest: The Bridge Home - links / Sara 

The book we are going to read is named The Bridge Home and is written by 

Padma Venkatraman.

 I met Padma at a conference in Baltimore and asked her if she could say something about reading and her book to my Swedish students: 

She has written the book The Bridge Home: 

1. We have now watched Padma's short video and above you can see the cover of the book. What do you think the book will be about? Where and when do you think it takes place? 

2. Important things to know about India

3. Facts about India: Maps of India

David Batra letar efter sina rötter och ska försöka slå igenom som stand-up komiker i Indien. För att klara det måste han lära sig mer om Indien. 
Vi ska se några klipp ur serien. Den är på svenska, men det gör inget tycker jag då vi lär oss om Indisk kultur. Se gärna hela serien som finns på SVT Play till i februari 2021. 
5. Before we finish today: 

- Write down three things you learned about India that you didn't know before. 

- Tell your neighbour what you learned. 

6. Vocab - for next time

/ Sara 

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