söndag 28 februari 2021

The Call of the Wild - the end

We have now finished reading the Call of the Wild.
What did you think about the book? Motivate your opinion. 

Today you will discuss the book in breakout rooms. I will fix the breakout rooms when we see each other. 
- Go to your Breakout room. Sara will join the room and listen to your discussion. 
- One of you in the group shares the screen and opens this blog post. 
- Click on the play cards above to see the questions. Take one card at a time and make sure everyone is talking. 

 While I am in the room listening to you talking about the book the rest of you will work with the text below. 

1.Read the whole text and look up words you don't understand. 
2. In Classroom you will find a worksheet with questions. Answer the questions in the worksheet. I will directly be able to see your answers.
3. Watch the videos below and answer the questions that show up while you are watching: 

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