söndag 7 februari 2021

Week 6 - 7B


Together we will listen to Travelling abroad just like last time: 

- Open link in another window. 

- Go to the second purple icon and click on it. 

- Now you will see the questions. Answer directly in the squares. 

- This time you don't have to hand in your answers. We will talk about them when we are done. 

Watch Holly's heroes episode 4 

- Answer the questions in Google docs. Important: you need to write yourself. Do not copy and paste. 

1. "Did I miss that vote" - what does it mean? Explain.

2. Who won the vote?

3. What would you have done about the party if you were Holly? Have a party or not?

4. "It’s democracy" What does Holly mean by that?

5. "I am not asking You. I am telling you" -What does the dad mean when saying that?
6. What would you have done if you were Jacinta?
7. "You can run, but you can’t hide". What does the expression mean?
8. "Kia ora" - What does it mean?
9. What is poi?
10. What is Maori? Where do they speak that language?
11. "I am stepping down and giving it up for the real captain" Who said that and why?
12 What do you think will happen to Jacinta in the next episode?
13. Why does the dad think Holly is ”bad influence ”?
14. What does the word invincible mean? Explain.

Are you finished?

Continue with the text you got last time: Adventure travel. You know what to do.

/ Sara

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