måndag 22 mars 2021

Fairy tales - the last part

 Today we will take a look at the book you created: 

Fairy Tales 7C

1.Let's have a look at the book you created! Present your text. What did you write about? What was hard about writing it? What was easy?
 2. In groups of three students, take a look at the text from Good night stories for Rebel Girls that I will give you during class. Help each other understand the words that are underlined.
 3. Read the text together. Take a few sentences each. Think about your flow and pronunciation.
4. Help each other understanding the text. What is the main point of the text you have read? Who is it about? What did the person do to make the person famous? Take short notes.
 5. Now, one person from each group will build a new group. You will now tell your friends about your text. Use the notes you took. 

/ Sara

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