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Freedom Writers 

 -What did you think about the movie? Motivate your opinions.

- Who is your favorite character? Describe him/her and motivate why he/she is your favorite.

1. Choose 3 of the questions and write down the answers:

1. Why does Erin compare the drawing of an African-American student to the drawings of Jewish
men during the Holocaust?
2. Why do you think Erin refers to the Nazis as the most famous gang in history?
3. Why does this comparison make the students begin to listen to her?
4. Do you think Ms. Gruwell’s teaching methods should be used at the entire school? At other schools? Why? Why not?
5. What would you do to break the ethnic and racial barriers in Ms. Gruwell’s classroom?
6. Think about your own school or out-of-school activities. Are youth respectful of each other’s differences? Are there, at our school, problems similar to those in Wilson High? If so, what can you do to make a change? 

- Choose 3 of the questions below and write down your answers: 

 1. Why is it important that teachers and students can trust each other?
2. Why do the students feel betrayed when they get to know that Ms. Gruwell will not continue
teaching them in their junior and senior years?
3. How do the classmates learn to trust one another?
4. Imagine you are Ms. Gruwell. What would you have done in her situation?
5. What would you have done to earn the trust of the students?
6. Respect and trust issues are not the only problem among the students. The teachers and
administrators at Wilson High do not support Ms. Gruwell’s teaching methods. Why do they
refuse to trust her?

- Choose 9 of the questions:
1. What makes Eva choose to “go against her people” in the courtroom?
2. Do you think this was a good decision? How do her family and friends react?
3. Do you think it’s more important to “protect your own” or do what’s right?
4. Put yourself in Eva’s shoes. Would you tell the truth in the witness stand or protect your friend?
5. In the book, the students write openly in their diary entries about sensitive family problems such
as drug use and sexual abuse. Would you too have been that open?
6. In the movie, how does Erin Gruwell’s obsession with work conflict with her marriage?
Describe the changing relationships with her husband.
7. What does Erin’s father think about Erin's choice to work as a teacher- at the beginning
of the movie and
at the end of the movie?
8. In what ways does Ms. Gruwell’s classroom become a family for the students?
Do you have a “family” outside your actual family?
9. Why are the students so angry at the beginning of the book/ movie? Do you think their anger is reasonable?
10. Why aren’t Ms. Gruwell’s students motivated to succeed in school? What outside factors affect their ability to learn?
11. Why do so many of Ms. Gruwell’s students believe they won’t live past the age of 18?
12. How do teachers and students deal with bullying, violence and/or gang activity in your school? 

Make sure you have answered 15 of all questions. Write in English and size 12.

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