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What do you think about this quote? Do you agree or disagree?
Can you think of a memory when you felt really happy?

1. Think about it on your own, for a few minutes
and then talk about your memories in your groups.

You can find the sentences on the picture above in the book we are going to read.
What do you think the book will be about?

2. Before we start listening we need to take a look at some words:

Do you know what an orphanage is?
I almost caused a riot - What did he almost do?
Who is the Virgin Mary and The Pope? 
What is a nun?

We are going to listen to the first chapter together in class when we see each other on Tuesday.
If you want to feel prepared - feel free to listen in advance.

Listen here: Once - Morris Gleitzman The first chapter is for free.

Would you like to listen during your "Svenskengelsklessons" or at home, please let me know and  I will help you with that.

3. In your groups, I want you to create a Google document and share with each other and me. (sarasv74@gmail.com)
Name the document - Once and your names

Together in the group, I want you to discuss and answer the questions below. Help each other!

1. Describe and discuss your first impressions of Felix and Mother Minka.  Choose one other character introduced in the opening chapter. 
 - What do you think they look like?
 - What kind of persons are they?

2.  Why was it so special that Felix found a whole carrot in his soup?

3. Help each other with words you don't know. Create a word list. Use Google Docs if you want to or perhaps you prefer Quizlet.com?

When we see each other on Friday, the 28th of August, I want you to have answered the questions and read until page 27. Feel free to read more if you want to! 
 During the lesson on Friday, we are going to discuss chapter 2 and 3. 

You only want short instructions here in the blog - that's why you will find the rest in Schoolsoft.
(Kunskapskrav och koppling till LGR 11 finns där)

/ Sara

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