söndag 13 december 2015

Barcelona- Vinslöv

Today the project with Barcelona will start.
We are going to watch films that the students in Barclona have made for us. They have worked in the program Scratch.

First of all are we going to talk about what you already know about Spain.
1. Work in your groups. Write SPAIN in the middle of a paper and brainstorm. What do you think about when you hear the word Spain?
Which is the capital city? Where in the world can you find Spain?

2. You will respond to the films by sending Skype messages.
Work in pairs.
 - Introduce yourself.
- I want you to find out how they celebrate Christmas in Barcelona. Ask questions!
You need to write down and then ask 1 question each.
- When you are finished - let med know I will show you how to send a Skype message.

3. Continue working in your groups.  Work in the same groups as when we recorded the film.
Explain in English how we celebrate Christmas and write an explanatory text.

Remember that they don't know anything about how we do it!

4. Junior researchers - your task is to document our Lucia ceremony. Takc pictures and write about it.  How do we celeberate Lucia and why?
Think about where and how you would like to share the text with the junior researchers in Barcelona.

/ Sara

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