måndag 14 december 2015

Who killed Santa?

Who killed Santa? 

When I came to the classroom this morning I found Santa. Dead. I cried and said to myself: "What will now happen to Christmas? I need to find out who killed Santa. "

(Picture: www.merriemysteries.com)

1. You will be given a character and first of all are you going to draw it. What do you look like? Pay attention to details.
2. You must now interview at least 3 other characters and find out:
 - their names?
- what was their relationship to Santa?
- where were they at the time of the murder?
- did they have any possessions on them at the time of the murder?

3. If you bribe your teacher you might get a clue! Nice words, candy...!

3. In 5 lines you must decide who you think the murder is and how Santa was killed.

There will be prize for the correct answer!

I hope you will find the murderer!
/ Sara

This lesson is inspired by: The Caz on www.tes.com

If you are a teacher and wants to use this lesson - go to the link above and search for Christmas Murder Mystery.

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