söndag 3 april 2016

The Call of the Wild - Jack London

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your break!

This lesson plan is for both Monday and Tuesday week 14. 

Watch the trailer below and then discuss in pairs:
-What do you think the book will be about?
- Who do you think will be the main character?

Today we will read and listen to the first chapter together.

- While you listen, underline words you don't know.  After the chapter, we will gather the words on the whiteboard and help each other understanding them.

Homework for next Tuesday (12th of April): Make sure you understand the words below and that you know how to spell them. I also want you to be able to explain them in English. We will play a word game with the words.

Tuesday (5th of April) 

Listen to chapter 2 from page 13 together.  Make pauses and  talk about what has happened. When you have finished chapter 2:
- In what country are they? Take a look at the map at the end of this text.
- How far away from his home in Santa Clara Valley is Buck now?
- Imagine that you start in Vinslöv. You go south, towards Germany and travel as far as Buck has until chapter 2. Where would you be by now? You may use Google maps on your phones!
- In your groups help each other, talk about the events in English and try to figure out: What happened first? Use your notebooks. Write the sentences in the order they events appear in the book:
a François put a harness on Buck.
b Buck found Billie under the snow.
c Some dogs killed Curly.
d Buck tried to sleep inside in the warm.
e Buck took fish from the food box.
f Buck took food from other dogs.
g Buck pulled a sledge.
hThe nine dogs and two men started their trip

- Work with the words that are homework for Tuesday. Translate the words into Swedish. You may use your phones. Those of you who don't like Quizlet - You find papers on the table!

(The questions are inspired by Penguin Readers.com)

Those of you who have Sv/eng - please read the text again and look up words you don't understand. Use a "real" dictionary instead of Google translate! 

/ Sara 

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