onsdag 6 september 2017

Today we are going to practice speaking and grammar!

1. Work in pairs. Click on the link below. There you will find two pictures.
 You have one minute to look at your picture. Describe all that you can see in the picture and explain what you think is happening.


If you need help use the phrases below:

What is in the picture?

In the picture I can see ...
s / There are ...
There isn’t a ... / There aren’t any ...

Say what is happening...

The man is ...ing
The people are ...ing
It’s raining.

Where in the picture?

At the top/bottom of the picture ...
In the middle of the picture ...
On the left/right of the picture ...
next to
in front of
on top of

If something isn’t clear

It looks like a ...
It might be a ...
He could be ...ing
Maybe it’s a ...

Read the poster above. Then go to: Genitive. Work around your tables and help each other. I want you to do the first 5 exercises. When one task is finished, check your answers and show me the results. Discuss your results. Questions? Make sure that everyone in the group understands before you continue. 

Homework for Thursday: 
Understand genitive and be able to write correct sentences. 

/ Sara 

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