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Walkabout by James Vance Marshall


We are going to read a book called Walkabout, which is written by James Vance Marshall.

Take a look at the cover of the book.
(Bild: Penguinreaders.com)

1. Discuss: (Take notes so you remember what you have talked about.)

Describe the picture. What do you see on the cover?
When you see the word Walkabout what do you think it means?
How old do you think the boy is?
Where do you think the story takes place? How do you know?
What do you think will happen in the book?

2. Reading! 
I am going to read chapter one and two aloud.
Listen and underline words that you don't understand.

3. Vocabulary! 
Every group gathers 10 words from the first two chapters. Login to Quizlet.com
where we are creating our own word list. Translate the words and then add them to the wordlist.

4. Discuss chapter 1 and 2 
What is a man-child?
What do the Aboriginals do when a child is sixteen?
Do you have any celebration when you turn sixteen?
What would you do if you were Peter and Mary?
How would you find food or water?

5. Writing! Chapter 1 and 2 
Individually - open a document and answer the questions below:

Who are in the book?                         
Where are they?
What happened?       

5. Create! 
Mary and Peter’s parents don’t think the children are dead.
Open Postermywall and create missing posters for Mary and Peter.
Show me when you are finished. We will vote for the three nicest and those will be published on the blog.
On the web page "Poster my wall" you can see many different examples of a poster. Design your own and make it special!

6. Homework!
On page 12, we are told that ‘At home in Charleston, South Carolina, no black person came near white people.’
Find information about how blacks were treated in South Carolina before the 1950s, when the Walkabout was written.
Write down 5-10 sentences about it and bring to class. We are going to talk about it when we see each other on Thursday.

/ Sara

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