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Love at first sight

Love at first sight?

Have you watched Friends before?

If you have, who is your favourite character? Ross, Rachel, Monica or Joey?

Why is he/she your favourite?

Speed dating
Tuesday week 20 
1. Your first task will be to create a character that you think someone would like to date on Tinder and later get married to! You write individually  (Later you are going to speed date and find yourself a partner!) Boys can date girls, girls can date girls, boys can date boys - I don't care as long as you love each other! 
2. Feel free to create an unusual character. This is supposed to be fun! Keep your character secret today. 
Who are you? Create your character.

1.                                    What is your name?
2.                                    How old are you?
3.                                    Where do you live?
4.                                    Do you live alone?
5.                                    Do you have children?
6.                                    How many children would you like to have? Why?
7. What do you think a partner should be like?
8.                                    Do you have any hobbies?
9.                                    Which is your favourite food?

10.                                    Do you have a favourite film, favourite music? Why is it
                       your favourite?    
11.                               Do you have any pets?
12.                               What do you think about your school/work?
13.                               Do you think there is life after death?
14.                               What makes you scared?
15. What makes you angry?
16. Do you have any bad habits?

Homework for Tuesday week 21
Finish your character. Bring something that is very special to your character - a teddy bear, a cowboy hat, a book etc...

Tuesday week 21

Today you are going to find a partner! Speed dating will take place in the corridor. All the male characters will be on one side and all the female characters will be on the other side of the tables. You will get 1 minute to introduce yourself and make the other person interested in you. Take notes while you are listening so you remember who you fell in love with! When the speed dating is finished - hand in Post its with your original name, the name and sex of your character and the names of 3 persons that you fell in love with!
For next time Sara will match you with a partner. OBS - you may suggest a partner but Sara needs to decide so no one feels left out!

Good Luck

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