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My personal hero

My personal hero - oral presentation

What makes people a hero?
Define heroism
Define personal character/attribute
Define personal values
Define extraordinary
Define Inspiration

Part 2: Find Your Hero 

Go to the web site: www.myhero.com or use another website to find your hero

Your hero must be chosen based on the definitions above (Part 1)—if you are not sure, please ask me! Part 3: Hero Details

A. Choose a hero—Your hero must be positive, inspiring, and enhance/change peoples’ lives for the better
B. Use the definitions from part 1 to help you decide which person to use for your presentation
C. List your hero’s: background, characteristics/attributes, and actions

Part 4: Your Personal Legacy—Living on Purpose… We may not be considered a hero, but we will be remembered by our family and friends…Answer the following questions: Personal Legacy Questions:
 How will you be remembered? (list 5 adjectives—words that describe you)
 When family reminisces (thinks) about you, what will they say? (list 5 things and describe)
  What kind of contribution would you have made to your community and society?
 What kind of values would you have cultivated and lived by?
 Are you proud of your friends and their achievements?
  How will your friends remember you?
  Will people be quoting your life as an example to follow? Why? Why not? Name:

Part 5: Hero Google Slides - prepare to present your hero orally. 

Include all items listed below to present your hero project: Include on your PowerPoint slides the following:
1. Personal response to the Question from part
1: What makes people a hero?
2. Hero’s story
3. Include a photo or video of your hero
4. Identify areas where the hero shows inspiring and positive characteristics that you would like to emulate (copy) in your own life Slide information expectations

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