måndag 8 juni 2020

Spelling sucks!

Spelling sucks! 

My students, year 9, have made their own "summer talks". Two of them wanted to publish their talks since they (and I) think that other students and teachers might learn new things by listening. 

The first one is Amanda, who talks about her dyslexia and that spelling sucks, but she never gave up reading and writing. She is now one of the best students in the class: 

The second one is Tilda. "I have my entire life been the sweet, little, good girl that has good grades, don’t do nothing that’s bad and that is just almost perfect. The girl everyone sees as a proper young girl that’s going to be a straight-A student in high school and that has a bright future in front of them. And I mean sure that is a very nice view of something but, to be honest, I never wanted to be that girl! "

Listen to Tilda's talk here:

Hope you all get to rest this summer! See you next school year! 

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