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Pirates of the Caribbean chapters 1-3

 After reading chapters 1-3 

Together in pairs - help each other and answer the questions below. 

Open a Google document - share it with each other. One of you hands it in when the lesson is finished. 

True or false? 

1. The Dauntless isn't a pirate ship     TRUE        FALSE 

2. Elisabeth sees a boy in the water    TRUE        FALSE

3. Elisabeth wants Norrington to see the medallion     TRUE     FALSE 

4. Elisabeth sees a big black ship     TRUE    FALSE 

5. Norrington doesn't like Elisabeth    TRUE FALSE

6. The governor is going to give Norrington a box    TRUE     FALSE 

7. The governor is unhappy when Will smiles at Elisabeth     TRUE     FALSE 

8. Jack Sparrow is a young boy and a sailor         TRUE  FALSE 

9. Jack Sparrow helps Elisabeth        TRUE     FALSE 

10. Norrington sees a white number on Jack's hand       TRUE      FALSE 

Answer the questions

1. Who are these people? What do you know about them?

- Elisabeth Swann

- Will Turner 

- Jack Sparrow 

- Norrington 

2. Why is Will Turner wearing a medallion with a skull and crossbones on it? 

3. Why does Jack Sparrow want a new ship? 

4. Why does Jack Sparrow put his chains around Elisabeth? 

5. Where do you think Jack will go now? 

6. Do you think Norrington's men will catch Jack? Why? Why not? 

7. Do you think Elisabeth will marry Commodore Norrington? Why? Why not? 

Homework for Thursday: 

You need to know both meaning and spelling. 

have - keep


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