söndag 9 maj 2021

Pirates of the Caribbean chapters 4-6

 Today we will continue reading Pirates of the Caribbean. I will read chapters 4-6. 

While I read I want you to follow in the text, listen carefully and take notes while you listen. 

Are the sentences below RIGHT or WRONG? 

1. Jack Sparrow sees gold in the blacksmith's store     Right    Wrong 

2. Will Turner fights Jack                                             Right     Wrong 

3. Mr Brown hits Jack on the head with a bottle           Right    Wrong 

4. There is fog in the harbor when the pirates arrive    Right      Wrong 

5. A pirate kills Will                                                        Right     Wrong 

6. The pirates take Elisabeth                                         Right     Wrong 

7. The pirate captain's name is Pintel                            Right     Wrong 

8. The pirates want the medallion                                 Right       Wrong 

After you have read

Discuss the quotes with your neigbour: 

Who is talking? Who are they talking to? 

1."People are looking for you" 

2. "You're between me and that door."

3. "He broke my bottle" 

4. " Come out, little girl" 

5. "Come near me and I'll throw it in the water" 

6. "You're going to stay with us" 

Jack Sparrow 

-What do you already know about Jack Sparrow? 

I know that he is... 

-Describe him. 

 -What does he look like? 

He is ...

-What kind of person is he? 

-What would you like to know more about him? 

I would like to know it 

/ Sara 

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