onsdag 19 augusti 2015

NP - English

I know that you are nervous about the NP in English that we will accomplish during week 47. (Only the oral part. The rest will be in May)
You don't have to be! We will practise how to do it and you will start on Friday. I will be in Stockholm, but you just follow the instructions here, record your discussions and send them to me.
Then I will listen to you when I am on the train back home again.

1. Click on the link and then read the instructions Part 1  - do that all together in class. Make sure you understand what to do. Help each other.

The Blue cards - you are going to work together in pairs or groups of three.

Pick a card. Read the text and make sure you understand what you are going to discuss. Help each other.  You are going to tell your friends if you agree or disagree. You are going to motivate your opinions and give examples. Discuss the statement with your friends.
Pick at least one card each.
Record your discussions with your phone or the iPad. I think the easiest is Garageband. Remember to introduce yourself so I know who is talking. Send the discussions to me: sarasv74@gmail.com

2. The Red cards 
Do the same as above, but: discuss your own opinions and what other opinions there are.
Record your discussions and send them to me.

Words and phrases to help you:

I think...
I believe...
In my point of view...
On the other hand...
I agree, because...
I disagree, because

Here are the groups:

1. Jasmine, Alexandra
2. Issa, Linkan
3. Veljko, Ashrf, Malte
4. Ludvig, Oliver J
5. Oliver O, Lucas, Fredrik
6. Sofie, Emilia, Adriana
7. Albin, Victor M
8. Melinda, Emma H
9. Wilma, Elin


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