måndag 15 februari 2021

BLM- reading

 I have seen your speeches and they are awesome! Thank you! 

Any of you who would like to show the rest of the class your speech? 

1. Together we will read a text about Black Lives Matter. 


2.  Individually - think about the questions below. Take notes so that you will remember what to say. 

Turn to your neighbour and discuss the questions. 

In class, we will then talk about your thoughts and what you talked about.

- 1,   After George Floyd’s death, non-Black people have become more concerned and are troubled by what they are learning about the experiences that Black people have with the police. In your opinion, what are some things that need to happen now? How should they happen (for instance, “who should do what?”)?

2) Some racist people are posting bad comments on articles about the Black Lives Matter movement. How do you think social media platforms, like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, should handle racist comments?

3) What does “black lives matter” mean to you?

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