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Holly's heroes chapter 1 - 5

 Week 7 

Today you are going to write about Holly's heroes chapters 1-5. You will write in ChromEx and no internet or help is allowed.  You have to be finished after 60 minutes. We have talked or written about every episode and if you have worked during the previous lessons you should be well prepared for this assignment. 

Use the questions below as help - do not answer them one by one. You have to write the text as a "story". 

Use size 12.  Write at least (minst) 200 words, which is about half a page on the computer. You may of course write more if you want to. 

-What is the series about? Where and when does it take place? 

- Who is the main character? Describe her. What does she look like and what is she like as a person? 

- Summarize what has happened in chapters 1-5. Write about 20 sentences about this part. 

- Choose a scene that made an impact on you. Did the scene make you angry, happy, sad or curious or..?

Describe the scene and tell your readers what happened and why you chose the scene. 

What do you think about the series so far? Do you like it or dislike it? Motivate your opinion. 

You might want to start like this: 

In the last few weeks, I have watched a series called Holly's heroes. The series takes place in .... 

The main character is... 

A scene that made a great impact on me is... 

So far, I think the series is... 

/ Sara 

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