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The Hatchet - activities

 A few weeks ago you voted on which book you preferred reading. The book, which won is named: The Hatchet and is written by Gary Paulsen. 

Before reading: 

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen is a book whose main theme is survival. 

Imagine that you need to stay all alone in the wilderness: 

What 10 items would you need if you were to pack a survival kit? 

First of all, write down your own list. 

Secondly, turn to a friend and compare your lists. 

You will need to be able to explain why you chose the items and why they are important. 

Now compare your answers with the other teams. 

What have you already learned from other media such as Netflix, books etc that could be useful in the wild?  


We listen to the first chapter of the book.

After reading chapter 1-5

Answer the questions in ChromeX. 

1. How would you describe Brian based on your first impressions? 

2. What do you think “the Secret” is? 

3. How would you describe the setting? 

4. What sights and sounds do you encounter as you read the first chapter? 

5. How does Brian feel about lawyers and judges?  

6. What does he think about flying? How does it make him feel? 

7. How do you think Brian feels all alone in the plane? How do you think you would feel?

8. Why do you think Brian decides to land on a lake?
9. What is ”the secret”? Describe what we find out about it in chapter 4.
10. What condition is Brian in after the plane crash? Is he unharmed or injured in some way?

11. Brian has some thoughts about good and bad luck. First, he thinks he’s been lucky but then in some other aspects, he doesn’t think he’s been lucky. What does Brian say about good and bad luck?
12. What is good and bad luck to you? Do you have any experience of good or bad luck?

 Questions Chapters 5-10

13. To Brian's luck he has easy access to water, which is essential for survival. Find out; how long can you survive without water?
14. When Brian empties his pockets what does he find? Do you think any of it will be useful where he is? If yes, how?
15. He also assesses other things that he has handy; what are his conclusions about what he has?
16. Brian meets a bear when he searches for food; have you ever met an animal in the wild? Tell me about it.
17. What kind of animal do you think it was in the cave where Brian decided to sleep?
18. What is the most important rule to survival?
19. On page 68 it says "The hatchet is the answer." The answer to what?
20. What does it take to make a fire? (find the answers in the text)
21. On page 74 it says "I wonder what my mother is doing now. I wonder if she is with him. Who does "him" refer to?
22.. What positive effects does the fire have for Brian?

Read chapters 10-13 

1. In pairs work with your reading log and talk about what you like, dislike and if there are passages that you don't understand. Take notes in your reading log. 

2. Discussion: 

- Put yourself in Brian's shoes. How would you handle his situation? Which personal qualities and skills do you need to survive? Do you that you could survive?

-With each chapter, Brian is changing more. Describe some of the changes that are taking place as Brian spends more time in the wilderness.

-Brian has now been in the wild for 47 days. What does he understand when he sees the wolves?

-What two truths did he discover after the search plane failed to find him?

-What were some of the mistakes he made as he learned to survive? 

After reading the whole book (Thursday week 45, Tuesday week 46) 

In groups of four, you will discuss the questions below. Record your discussion in Seesaw. 

1. The student that lives closest to the school starts by dealing the first card. 

You will also lead the discussion. Make sure that everyone is talking. 

Create your own talk show! 

* Have you seen the talk show Skavlan? 

Work in pairs and imagine that you are Skavlan who is interviewing Brian. 
Brian is now 40 years old and is looking back at his adventure. 

- Write 10 questions from Skavlan to Brian. 
- Make an interview where you speak English all the time. 
Record your interview in SeeSaw or just tell me and I will listen to you in class. 

Writing assignment Tuesday week 47 

These are the alternatives you suggested. Choose one of them and write at least 400 words, size 12. 

1. Write a new last chapter! Use your imagination! What do you think would have happened to Brian if he didn't find the survival kit and the emergency transmitter? 

2. Write a book review. Instructions on how to write a book are in Google Classroom. 

3. Write a newspaper article. Use the questions you wrote for Skavlan and write a text. 

4. Re-write the two first chapters out of the pilot's point of view. 
What did he think? What do you think went through the pilot's mind?

/ Sara 

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